Essex Spirit Co Coffee & Cacao Vodka 200ml – Leigh on Sea Brewery

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Essex Spirit Co Coffee & Cacao Vodka 200ml

Essex Spirit Co Coffee & Cacao Vodka 200ml

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Leigh on Sea Brewery are proud to partner with Essex Spirits Co. - a new local distillery.  We're adding this local artisan product to broaden our beer offering and look forward to bringing it to your door!

The sustainable series was born out of the quest to re-purpose common hospitality waste that still has a lot of flavour to give! Essex Spirits Co's hope is to bring the hospitality industry that little bit closer to being zero waste or closed loop whilst making delicious beverages.

Overall coffee & cacao vodka has a deep but dry coffee flavour with hints of cacao and vanilla in the background – it’s great for either mixing or sipping but if you want our opinion it goes a long way in making the ultimate espresso martini.

So, what’s in the bottle? :

  • Coffee & Cacao Vodka sees Essex Spirits Co partner with independent bars, restaurants & coffee shops across Essex, where we collect their used coffee grounds & redistill them into a clear & pure coffee distillate.
  • They then macerate & soak cacao nibs (they’re a superfood don’t you know) and re-distill both the coffee and cacao nib, this gives a deep rich dark chocolate note.
  • They get their hands on some locally freshly roasted coffee beans and soak them in the distillates before bottling. This give the vodka a freshly roasted coffee bean note on the nose!
  • Finally we add a touch of Tahitian vanilla & local sea salt, this harmonises and brings out all the other flavours in the coffee.

40% - 200ml Bottle