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The Taproom - coming soon!

As lockdown eases we wanted to give you an insight into the new normal down at the Brewery Tap

The eerie silence of our Taproom has been one of the strangest aspects of the past three months.  Many of our customers have continued to support us by buying our beers to drink at home through lockdown and we are so grateful for this support.  But, we have missed serving our loveLeighbeer direct to our loveLeigh regulars and occasional visitors alike.  So it is with great pleasure that we can announce that starting from Saturday 4 July the Tap Room will reopen. 

The most important aspect of the Tap will remain unchanged - the beer, brewed on site, will be delicious and served fresh to your glass.   We will continue to serve a range of other drinks for the non-beer drinkers, including cocktails from Tapp’d – a new business located right next to the brewery (and doing a level of lockdown business that we can only dream of!). 

But much else, inevitably, will change.  We haven't absolutely finalised our approach - but of course our first focus is on the safety and well-being of customers and staff alike. We’ve given it a lot of thought, and what follows are our likely arrangements - and we may add as we plan further (and no doubt will review as we see how we go).

  • Most importantly, all drinking will be al fresco for the foreseeable.  The Taproom itself is just too small for indoor drinking until restrictions are lifted – but we are lucky to have such a large “garden”. 
  • Those of you who have perched precariously on our miscellany of ropy furniture will be pleased to note that we have finally invested in some proper posh tables and chairs.  These will be spaced apart to allow for social distancing so that we can all feel safe and we will be encouraging everyone to sit down while drinking. 
  • We will serve you at your tables and payment will be card only.  To start with, we will be pouring our ale into our non-plastic, disposable glasses in order to minimise infection risk.  However, lets face it, its just not the same drinking beer from plastic, so please feel free to bring your own glass along. 
  • We will have socially distanced queues for the loos, and will ask you to spray the surfaces you touch in the loos with anti-bac spray after use.  And there will be lashings of hand sanitiser available.  
  • Finally, we will be required to keep a temporary record of who has been to the Tap Room and so will ask you to sign in.  We will destroy these records after 21 days in line with the Government guidance. 

We hope that we can make these arrangements work and that your visit to the Tap will be as safe and relaxed as possible. 

Initial opening times will be: Saturday 1pm - 6pm, Sunday 1pm - 5pm and Thursday and Friday both 4pm  - 8pm 

So as we spend this week brushing off the cobwebs and lining up the beers we will look forward to raising a glass with you very soon!

Cheers, Gaby

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