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Pricing and buying online - some changes to the webshop

Just a few words to explain the changes in pricing and quantities on the webshop. 
Before the coronavirus situation and lockdown we didn’t sell much small pack (cans and bottles) directly to the public. That which we did was directly from the Taproom and we had no online sales presence at all. Bottles (both 330ml “craft beers” and 500ml traditional beers) were priced just under £3. 
When we went online, as a consequence of the lockdown, we reduced prices, as customers necessarily had to buy in volume (our minimum order was £30). So bottles became £2.50, and when we introduced our 440ml cans, they were priced at £3.00 and £3.25. 
We’ll be reopening the Taproom next week, and you’ll be free to buy single bottles and cans again (both in the Taproom and online). So individual purchase prices have gone back up; 500ml bottles to £3, and 440ml cans to £3.50 and £3.75. However - as you’ll see on the webshop, buy 6 of anything and the low volume prices have been maintained; £15 for 6 bottles, and £18/£19.50 for 6 cans. 
So, in summary, to save your £, click the drop down box and order 6 of a kind!
Hope that explains the situation and the new arrangements don’t cause too much confusion!

Thanks, Ian. 

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